Chapter 1, The Vision

Aviation is a core technology in a first-world country.  An integrated aviation system relies on general aviation in smaller aircraft that provide training opportunities for young people, aviation technology companies involved in areas from digital map distribution to aircraft manufacture, aircraft servicing and emergency services.

A universal element of an integrated aviation system is the separation of large scheduled jet traffic from smaller aircraft by having them located at different airfields. A study conducted in the mid 1950s into aviation in Canberra identified this need.

Canberra has a demand for flight training opportunities from the two secondary colleges who currently offer flight courses, the Canberra University and perhaps the reestablishment of military flight training, as well as many private residents.

Our vision is for a carbon-neutral aviation operation on a greenfield site.  This operation will bring technology business and jobs to our city.  Initial calculations show that a carbon-neutral operation is possible, with careful planning, and would be an exemplar of what is possible in light aviation.

The airfield will be on a much smaller scale than Canberra International Airport, catering primarily for single engined aircraft and some emergency services aircraft on, initially, a grass runway.

When developed the airfield will have the scale of a smaller regional airfield.

In 2003 a local pilot, Chris Price, identified a site at Williamsdale in the area of the ACT with the lowest population density.  Almost all of the land required is already held by the ACT Government, with only one small additional leased block required.

The relevant studies have been completed and all that is now required is political vision and will.


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